Soothing Treatment


To restore balance it is necessary to cleanse and treat our scalp with products of maximum delicacy that offer relief and immediate wellness while they act to eliminate the inflammation, restoring skin to a state of comfort and relaxation.

The cleansing phase is carried out with our surfactant-based non-ethoxylated product that purifies gently without irritating the skin. It is joined with refreshing and slightly balsamic extracts, which give immediate relief, and a powerful anti-inflammatory action, Zanthoxylum soothing and anti-irritating, increases the skin’s natural defenses.

  • 2oz glass jar of biodynamic helichrysum

  • 4oz glass jar of organic zanthoxylum soothing gel

  • 1oz glass jar of your prescribed Oway holistic hair bath

  • Compostable gloves

  • Compostable cape


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