Oway Hrestore Protein Treatment Spray


Oway Hrestore is a vegetable protein-based treatment spray for restructuring and repairing the hair. Its regenerative complex of proteins and amino acids balance the hair’s porosity, strengthening and improving its ability to hold moisture and pigment.

As an integral part of Oway’s Hsystem, Hrestore is perfect for use before or after a color or lightening service to strengthen hair and improve color retention, or it can be used as a stand alone treatment with our Infrared Remedy Iron to repair and seal the cuticles.

How to use the product
Shake vials before use. Apply to a clean, dry scalp with provided dropper. Concentrate on problem areas. Massage for a few minutes. Do not rinse.
Active ingredients
Buddleja Davidii Plant Stem Cells help to reproduce hair follicle cells at the source.
Dynagen is an active ingredient derived from yeast that increases the hair's keratin and collagen levels for stronger, more resilient hair.
Hair Spa Complex™ uses Lactitol and Xylitol to moisturize and create a healthy scalp ecosystem to promote hair growth.
Ethical Green Coffee is rich in polyphenols and tannins that inhibit the production of 5-a reductase, an enzyme responsible for hair thinning.


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